Asking #ActuallyTourettic Individuals
All The Right Questions

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In an effort to know ourselves better and get the right Tourette Syndrome information out to the world, we need to start asking ourselves, as Touretters, the right questions.

In the coming months, we'll be asking many questions on a number of topics. We need your answers, so we're only asking 10 questions at a time, 3 minutes at a time.

These surveys are by us, about us. So you can be assured we will not spam you or sell your information. All data gathered will be compiled and shared while maintaining your privacy.

This is a global initiative started by Paul Stevenson and managed by Christine.

Thank you for your time and care, we look forward to sharing our findings!

You may direct your questions to

Our first survey about Tourette's Expressions can be found right here, via Survey Monkey

Coming Soon!


Thank you for your time!