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Dedicated to

Tourette Syndrome Education & Advocacy

and the Empowerment & Mainstreaming of Touretters


(a.k.a. the 75-second pre-launch vlog)

"To empower and mainstream Touretters, everywhere". I'm probably nuts to choose to take this on.

My original concept was for a 5-year mission. Course-corrected to an 8-year mission. No, 11! Later in 2017, a very, very smart man pointed out to me it's likely to be a lifelong mission. I agreed.

Because there's always more to do. More to fix which isn't Tourette Syndrome, or us.

My name is Christine, I have lived with Tourette Syndrome my entire life. But only in the last few years have I begun to embrace it and have a healthy relationship to it. Because like many of you reading this, I felt everything about Tourette's (and about myself) was wrong.

This is something we've learned.

All of us. From our loved ones all the way to colleagues via all the poor media depictions, many (thankfully not all!) of us have learned early on that Tourette's tics are a bad thing. Many adults I know who live with TS are still in the "Twitch Closet". For fear of being stigmatized, unaccepted.

We didn't learn this from one person. This is what many of us have lived for much of our lives. We've learned this sense of conditional inclusion from everywhere. Family, friends, colleagues, would-be lovers, Time and again.

Because that's the way it's always been.

Let's change that.

Yes, of course you'll find information about Tourette and its co-occurring conditions right here and via carefully selected content/links, but more importantly, you'll read and hear Touretter stories, experiences and (mostly) first-hand perspectives from everywhere. It's important to meet as many different #ActuallyTourettic individuals as possible. 

Because if you've met one of us, you've only met one of us. This is a place where you'll get to know many of us. And some close to us. I'm only one of 75,000,000. 

And while we share all that, I'll still keep busy behind the scenes having a lot of difficult conversations with a lot of people who may label me difficult, and I'm quite okay with that. Because I've challenged what they think they know. Because I'm claiming what's ours, yet still not our own. 

Yes, I am someone who has pushed, is pushing and will keep pushing for change.

Change is hard.

I'll stop when everything is in its rightful place. Or when I stop ticcin'. Whichever comes first. And I hope to live long and prosper.

Thank you for your time, and welcome!

p.s.: if you have 3 minutes, would you complete this 10-question survey about Tourette's Expressions?